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Mymaps Function


The geoportal Mymaps function enables the user to create his own map in the geoportal This map can be saved and shared with other users by:

  • sending a link to the map
  • displaying in a specially designated layer
  • in Google Earth based on a KML Export
  • on a mobile GPS based on a GPX Export
What is meant by „map” in this context?
  • content drawn or imported by the user (Points, Lines, Polygenes, Texts)
  • choice of the context (thematic map, background layer and data layer from the catalog)
  • extent of the initially displayed map

Graphic parameters such as color, line width can be defined for each by the user drawn or imported object


In order to be enabled to create a map, the user has to connect to Mymaps with his geoportal credentials by using the login button placed in the top right corner of the mapwindow. If the user has no account yet, he can create one here. The Mymaps functions will become available as soon as a user has been identified.

Creating a map

The link “create new map” will create a new “Mymaps” map. The user can then assign a title and description to his map. The “save” link saves all the content and parameter i.e. thematic map, added layers, background map, and geographic position of the “Mymaps” map The author of a “Mymaps” map can make it generally accessible over a specific layer in by enabling the Checkbox “public” Besides to the already enumerated content and parameters, the author of a Mymaps map can add geographic objects to the map by either drawing or importing them.

Drawing Objects

In order to add a new object to the map, the user has click the symbol corresponding the object type he wants to add (points, lines, polygons or texts). The entry of a point is done by a simple click on the map. The Entry of lines and polygons is finalized by a double click A pop-up window containing entry fields for title, description and a picture will appear as soon as an object has been drawn

importing objects

Instead of drawing new objects in the map, a user can import KML or GPX files

  • GPX is a format supported by mobile GPS devices and smartphones
  • KML is a format mainly used with Google Earth

Objects can be edited, pictures can be uploaded, and graphic parameters such as color, Line-width can be changed after the import. Additionally the edit mode allows it to change the position and the course of objects by repositioning theri base(es)

editing objects

It is possible to modify the objects at any time. To do so, the user hast to enable the edit mode by clicking on the corresponding button and select the objects that he wants to modify. Thereafter all the information and parameter can be changed such as . name, description, image, graphic, position, and course.

consulting a map

A Mympas map can be consulted at any time by the author or others to whom the access has been granted selectively with a link or by generally making it available by publishing it.

Opening a Mymaps map

A Mymaps map can be opened trough a link. By clicking the link, a page displaying a map

Clicking on a Mymaps link will open the associated Map-portal with a centered view on the targeted content Here you can:

  • View the map and ist contents
  • rate the map
  • leave a comment to the map
  • Export the integrality of the map or its objects individually (KML,GPX)
  • create a copy of the map

consult a map and ist objects

Each geographic object of a “Mymaps” card can be clicked on and viewed individually, either by selecting the object out of the list in the Mymaps-tab or by directly selecting in the map When it comes to points, or text, the title and the description of the object and the image is displayed. A link “zoom in” allows you to center the map on the clicked object. For line objects the length is displayed in addition and the elevation profile can be displayed in a pop-up When moving the mouse over the elevation profile curve (mouse over) the corresponding position on the line item in the map is displayed, and vice versa For the polygon objects, the surface is displayed.

leaving a comment on the map

Every user logged in or not can leave a review to the creator of the map. These comments are not saved, but only forwarded to the email address of the creator.

rating a map

Every user logged in or not can leave a rating going from 1 to 5 to a map

exporting a map or their objects

A user can either export a whole “MyMaps” map or individual objects of a map in GPX or KML format.

  • GPX is a format that is used by portable GPS and Smartphones
  • KML is a format that is used primarily in conjunction with Google Earth

A complete map with all the objects will be exported via the Export button on the left in the “MyMaps” tab, the individual export of objects is done by previously selecting the object in the list or in the map and then by selecting the export button from the pop-up menu

creating a copy of the map

If an already logged in user opens a “MyMaps” map not belonging to him, he can use the “Make a copy of the map” function to create its own copy of the map and its objects and edit it afterwards.

share a map

Every user can share his map with other users. For this he has 3 options:

  • via a link
  • via the layer „user generated public maps” in
  • as a layer in a separate category available to him in a map portal

Every user can share his map with a third party by clicking on the map title “link” button. A URL is displayed that which can be send others to whom one wants to grant access to the map

via the layer „user generated public maps” in

When a user ticks the “public” checkbox left under the description of the map, it gets published on the layer “user generated public maps” of

in a separate category

Certain users also have access to certain categories provided for them in the layer catalog of different portals. You can add your “My Maps” content in the layers of these categories.

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