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Questions and Answers

??? Is it possible to view the maps in a bigger size ?

!!! Yes - in the “options” menu on the upper right, you can choose between 3 resolutions:

  • 400×400 Pixel
  • 600×600 Pixel
  • 800×800 Pixel

More informations: FR dimension_de_la_carte_affichee

??? I worked in the geodata mapper to view several thematic layers on the territory of Luxembourg City. But I noticed a large yellow surface that seems to cover a great extent of the territory and that seems to be impossible to remove. Is this normal ? I do not know how to get rid of this surface. !!! You probably used the function “location by administrative commune” to focus the mapper window on Luxembourg city. In this case indeed the mapper marks the entire communal territory with a yellow surface to show the extents.

However this surface can be deleted with the button “Delete the selection” on the bottom of the location tag.

??? Does an associated account with the only extra-rights in the mapping tool and the catalogue access to more content than a non identified user (general public) ? If so, what are the special rights, and if not, does such an account make any sense ?

!!! In principle, the associated account can inherit from the special rights of the main account, if the manager of the latter activates these rights. In the case of a associated account that only gets special rights for the mapper and the catalogue, its user can view eventual extra layers, have less restrictions in terms op overlay of layers or available scale range. In the catalogue, he might see non public products, if such products exist.

In this sense such an account can be useful, but indeed, in case the main account does not have any special rights itself in these topics, there are no more rights for the subordinate account in comparison to the non authenticated user.

??? Do I have to become a registered user of Geoportal to order products ?

!!! Yes, only registered users (with user login and password) can access to the menu “Order”, where products or estimates can be ordered. There are 2 levels of registered users : the “simple” customer can register online by using the function “I want to become a new customer”.

The Geoportal system automatically creates a user name and password, which are sent by mail. This elementary user account allows to order most of the products except those where more specific regulations (contract, declaration of use etc) are required.

To become a user with full access, one has to sent a filled-in application form to the Director of Administration du Cadastre et de la Topographie.

More details about this topic can be found in our WIKI.

??? In the mapper I do not see the data of the layers which I activated. Is there a technical problem or do I do something wrong ?

!!! There may be simple reasons why you do not see the data you exspect to see:

  1. The layers may be inactive (the checkbox in the list has to be checked).
    Please verify in the first tag “Layers”.
  2. The layers are covered by another active layer which is not transparent. This happens especially often when using layers containing raster data, like the background layers (orthophotos, maps etc).
    You should check this in the tag “Layer order” where you can modify the order of the layers in the layer pile. You should make sure that the non transparent layers always are beneath the vector data layers.
  3. The layers you chose are blocked for the zoom scale you currently have in the mapper. It is important to know that the geoportal fixes the scale range for which every layer is visible, in order to prevent server overload or inadequate representation. You should try to zoom in & out and watch if the data is displayed.

??? Does the extract from the cadastral map (commodo-incommodo procedure) automatically contain the parcel list or do I have to order the latter separately ?

!!! The extract from the cadastral map (commodo-incommodo procedure) automatically contains the parcel list of the parcels that are concerned by the commodo-incommodo procedure. You do not have to order it separately.

??? I would like to know how much time it takes between an order and a postal delivery (CD and/or paper. Thanks

!!! It is impossible to announce one single time lapse because :

  1. Delivery time depends on the ordered product : some can partially be made automatically, others need manual intervention
  2. Treatment time usually depends on the total amount of orders and human resources

An important factor is the rapidity of the payment : As long as our planified epayment module is not online, ACT issues invoices that are sent by post. As long as these invoices are not paid, the order remains blocked at this state, as soos as the invoie is paid, the ordered items are shipped to the owner. For professional customers of ACT, an acceleration of this process is possible, if a billing account is opened at the billing department of ACT, which allows to group all invoices within 1 month and to send one single grouped invoice once per month

??? I ordered an estimate concerning 6 sheets of the topographic map 1/20000. But in the order summary, no price indication was to be found.

  1. How much costs the download of 1 sheet?
  2. How much costs the download of all sheets of the entire country?
  3. How is payment done?

!!! Indeed orders in the geoportal are not (yet) completely automatic and instantaneous, as you might be accustomed to at other websites. Several processes in the treatment of the orders are still manual, due to several rules concerning the provider of the products (ACT). However, as the order immediately arrives at the provider (compared to an order sent by post) and due to partially automatical extraction of some products, in general orders issued via the geoportal should be finished in a shorter time lapse.

The estimate works the same way : several manual steps including price calculation, and the validation by superior are necessary before the estimate is available for you in form of price information in the order summary, which is updated at that moment. You can find the prices in the geoportal, under your login, at « Trace my orders ». You can then easily convert the estimate into an order by clicking on the caddie on the left of the order summary, and by checking the « order » case before sending the order.

About the prices : Please refer to the Règlement Grand-Ducal, or wait until you receive the ordered estimate.

Payment : As long as our ePayment system is not ready, payment is done the « classical » way. For each order, an invoice is issued and sent by post. After payment, the ordered items are sent.

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