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The status bar

Map scale

The scale bar shows you the current scale of the map.

Map Preview/Overview

If you click the bottom left image , an overview of the entire territory of the Grand Duchy is displayed.
On the mini-map overview, you always see your current map position as an extent of the current view in the main map, represented by a red rectangle.
To close the preview, you simply have to click on .


Zoom level choice

With this dropbox, you can do a manual choice of the global map zoom scale.

Coordinate system choice

The national Luxembourgish reference system (LUREF, based on a conformal projection type Gauss) is default activated to display the mapping of geographical data in the viewer. However the user can display the cursor position in longitude / latitude in the system “GGS84”. This allows for example users of GPS receivers to find the coordinates of POI (places of interest) coordinates used by GPS. If no reprojection is performed, reference system changings are done directly by the cursor coordinates.

Coordinate indicator

Displays details on the current position of the mouse.
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