Map navigation

Navigation by the direction button

Symbol/ButtonMouse buttonDescription
By clicking on the arrow direction button, you can move the map in the 4 main directions.

Navigation by mouse

Symbol/ButtonMouse buttonDescription
By holding down the left button of your mouse, the system presents a navigation pointer. With this pointer, you can move the map.
Symbol/ButtonMouse buttonDescription
After pushing the right button of your mouse, the system shows you a tooltip with details of the current position.

Zoom control

Symbol/ButtonMouse buttonDescription
By using this tool, you can change the scale level of the map (zoom positive and negative).
The different levels of scale are set to fix values.

Zoom by double click

Symbol/ButtonMouse buttonDescription
By double-clicking on the map, the portal automatically zoom to the clicked location.

Zoom by scrolling

Symbol/ButtonMouse buttonDescription
The mouse wheel zoom does a negative / positive zoom to the current map position.

Zoom by selection with the "Shift" button

Symbol/ButtonMouse buttonDescription
By using the shift key on the keyboard in combination with the left mouse button, it is possible to draw a North-South selection rectangle.
In releasing the mouse button after drawing the rectangle, the portal automatically zoom to the content, defined by the rectangle.

Zoom to the extent of the country

Symbol/ButtonMouse buttonDescription
By clicking on this button, you can return to the main view of the map.

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