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Central locations Wallonia

Major centre
Regional capital
Regional centre
Cross-border supporting centre
Rural supporting centre
Touristic supporting centre

Central locations Saarland

Major centre
Middle-order centre
Basic centre

Central locations Lorraine

Metroplitan agglomeration
Agglomeration of regional attractiveness
Agglomeration of local attractiveness
Local centre

Central locations Luxembourg

Major centre of development and attraction
Middle-order centre of development and attraction
Regional centre

Central locations Rhineland-Palatinate

Monocentral major centre
Cooperating major centre
Monocentral middle-order centre
Cooperating middle-order centre (volontary)
Cooperating middle-order centre (obligatory)
Basic centre of the basic network
Basic centre of the complimentary network

Area of middle-order centrality in Rhineland-Palatinate

Grouping of middle-order centrality
Area of monocentral middle-order centrality
Share of functions in Rhineland-Palatinate
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