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The ACT offers a wide range of geodata and services to meet the needs of both individuals and businesses. The offer consists at the moment of an Application Programming Interface (API) to embed custom maps in both web and mobile applications, as well as as a range of geodata services. The GeoAPI can be used to include web mapping functionality on your own website. You can show for example your building location, include public transport routing functionality, overlay other layers of information from the geoportail or external geodata. The usage of the GeoAPI and its geodata is governed by API Terms of Use and Data License, which can be found here: termsofuse


The GeoAPI and its data layers offer many advantages over other web mapping solutions such as Google, Bing … :

  • Freely access the most detailed maps of Luxembourg, the GeoAPI provides accurate location based information for your online applications. This includes access to the land parcels map as well as many other official geodatasets.
  • The GeoAPI is built using industry best practice standards and open source libraries, to deliver a solid, cross browser compatible and easily extendable library of advanced mapping functionality and controls.
  • The GeoAPI is backed by a high performance server infrastructure supporting future growth of usage.


Offers access to the official luxembourgish state topographical base maps and high resolution aerial imagery, as well as over one hundred layers of government geodata. Our map data is continuously updated by qualified surveyors, potentially at no cost to you (see Terms of Use).


Simply go to the following page, and register for an API Key. You can then explore the API developers documentation to get started.

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