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-Population share 20-64 years 2016+Part de la population de 20 à 64 ans en 2016 (en % de la pop. totale) 
 |{{http://arcgis-portal.public.lu/server/rest/services/GR/Pop_share_20_64_years_2016/MapServer/0/images/00d3a7c8b7e46c816b09bbe2927cd143?.png?nolink}}|≥63,1| |{{http://arcgis-portal.public.lu/server/rest/services/GR/Pop_share_20_64_years_2016/MapServer/0/images/00d3a7c8b7e46c816b09bbe2927cd143?.png?nolink}}|≥63,1|
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